CompBass Immersive® Sub-Bass heard at immersive sound levels TM - UK00003156823

Cellular Bass® Compact Sub-Bass system TM - UK00003036694

Sub-Bass Compression Loudspeaker System - Patent GB2463529

 Active Bass Loudspeaker System -  Patent GB2480226

CompBass Ltd® - Trade Mark Loudspeaker Company

CompBass Filter® - Sub-Bass System Tuning TM - UK00003142244

Loudspeaker Enclosure Design - US D755,755 S

Loudspeaker Enclosure Design - GB4027586

Loudspeaker Enclosure Design - GB4039974

CompBass 8 FS 25 H® - Sub-Bass Driver TM - Uk00003200315

  . Remarkable 20Hz to 18kHz 3-way compact speakers with Cellular Bass®

  . Engineered for rich sounds evenly balanced across the audio range

  . CBLS3 is a cutting edge model for Party, Disco and home entertainment

  . critical damping of tweeter resonance for better HF transients 

  . midrange enclosure designed to filter lf from the driver output.   

  . Cellular Bass® is a 20Hz to 150HZ compression loading system for immersive bass.

  . Ideal for lovers of pipe organ, movie soundtracks and video games

  . Truly life-like 3-way performance from a compact system.  

compBass Ltd® designer & developer of patented loudspeaker systems